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District 8 Area 15 General Service Website

Alternate Chairperson

5 years of sobriety
4 years of service in District 8
1 year as a DCM in District 8
1. Serve as Chairperson of District 8 when the District Chairperson is absent.
2. Serve as Quarterly Coordinator when District 8 is awarded the bid for a Quarterly
Meeting of Area 15.
3. Review Area 15 Quarterly/Assembly Planning Workshop for implementation if
awarded the Quarterly.
4. Present a comprehensive budget, in the form of a new motion under new business
for the Annual Founder’s Day Dinner and Delegates Report every year in February.
5. Serve as coordinator for the Founder’s Day Dinner and Delegate’s Report.
6. Attend the District Chairpersons Meeting at Area 15 assemblies.
7. Attend the Quarterly Coordinators Meeting at Area 15 assemblies.
8. Facilitate GSR Orientation at the District 8 Business Meeting. The purpose of this
meeting is to explain the GSR welcome packet, help new GSRs understand their
position and responsibilities, and give new GSRs an opportunity to learn the
processes within District 8. Orientation will be held for 15 minutes. The expenses
associated with this service are part of the Alternate Chairperson’s annual budget
9. Monitor position email.
10.Submit a budget request to the treasurer every October for district alternate
chairperson position.