Recovery, Unity & Service

District 8 Area 15 General Service Website


5 years of sobriety
4 years of service in District 8
1 year as a DCM in District 8
1. Chair monthly business meeting of District 8.
1. Set agenda for monthly business meeting of District 8.
2. Review and forward motions to district secretary to be placed on District 8
2. Establish all district meeting dates for each year of the commitment.
o Confirm said dates with the venue (The Triangle Club).
3. Serve as ex-officio member of all district and ad-hoc committees.
4. Attend all business meetings of Area 15.
a. Attend chairpersons’ sharing session on Saturday and provide a report back to
District 8 concerning the meeting.
b. Present report to Area 15 at the business meeting reflecting the activities of
District 8.
c. Represent the group conscience of District 8 before Area 15.
5. Poll the District 8 body to determine if District 8 wants to put our name in the hat to
host an upcoming quarterly.
6. Serve as a co-signer on the District 8 bank account.
7. Hold a second key to District PO Box.
8. Approve minutes and agenda after the secretary assembles the minutes, and once
approved, send the minutes back to the secretary.
9. Pass on relevant information from Area 15 to the district secretary for distribution to
the District 8 body.
10.Monitor chairperson email.
11.Submit a budget request to the treasurer every October for district chairperson