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Current Practices

The Current Practices Committee meets monthly before the business meeting at the Triangle Club at 3:00 P.M. email: 

Current Practices Committee Chairperson

Qualifications: 3 years of sobriety, 1 year as a GSR in District 8

Responsibilities: 1. Revising and updating, on a quarterly basis, our Book of Resolutions and Book of Current Practices, which includes only the motions which dictate how District 8 functions today. including changes to the Legacy of Service portion of the Book of Current Practices as responsibilities change. . All Motions that are passed by District 8 are placed in the Book of Resolutions in chronological order. a. Motions that are ongoing are placed in the appropriate category in the Book of Current Practices. b. Updated copies of the Book of Resolutions and Book of Current Practices with Legacy of Service are sent to the Chair of the Website Committee for posting on the District 8 website. c. Hard copies of updates to the Book of Resolutions and Book of Current Practices with Legacy of Service are to be provided to the District Chair and the Archives Chair. 2. Attend the monthly Business Meeting of District 8 and report on the activity of the committee. 3. Attend the Quarterly Meeting of Area 15’s Current Practices Committee and report to Area 15 District 8 activities. 4. Report to District 8 information gathered at the Area 15 Quarterly concerning Current Practices. 5. Monitor committee email. 6. Maintain communication with the website chair to ensure all committee literature is up to date on the District Website. 7. Prepare an annual budget for Current Practices Committee and forward it to the Treasurer of District 8.