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Recording Secretary


  • Record all actions, including Motions, which will be included verbatim, actions (Passed/failed/tabled/withdrawn/etc.) taken on Motions and results of elections in the Minutes, along with accompanying documents: Committee Reports furnished by officers and chairpersons of committees; financial statements, district map, upcoming quarterly flyer, etc.
  • Furnish final business meeting agenda to Chairperson for review after the close of motions; then to District Registrar for distribution.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of the Current Practices Committee.
  • Provide copies of upcoming Quarterly flyer and District Meeting Agenda at Business Meetings, along with extra District Minutes for new GSRs.
  • Attend all Area Quarterlies; attend the District Secretaries meeting and report to the Business Meeting.
  • Provide copies at District Meeting of any correspondence deemed necessary by Chairperson.
  • Take the roll call for District 8 at the Quarterly Business Meeting of Area 15 in the absence of the Registrar
  • The Secretary will compile the Minutes and Agenda and forward to the Chairperson for approval. Upon approval, will forward to the Registrar for distribution.
  • Present a budget to the District 8 Treasurer every October for the next fiscal year.