Recovery, Unity & Service

District 8 Area 15 General Service Website


5 years sobriety
3 years of service in District 8
1 year as a DCM in District 8
1. Maintain a database for the District trusted servants.
2. Share updated database with District 8 Secretary.
3. Conduct roll calls at the monthly Business meeting of District 8.
4. Register new GSRs and Alt. GSRs, DCMs, ACMs, Committee Chairpersons, and
District Officers.
5. Attend the monthly Alt. GSR and GSR orientation; discuss information needed
and collect the completed new representatives’ forms.
6. Correspond with Area Registrar to record new trusted servants in Area and GSO
7. Conduct District vote call at area business meetings and furnish a copy to the
District Chairperson for Area roll call.
8. Attend the Secretary/Registrar Meeting at the Area 15 Quarterly and furnish a
report of this meeting to the District at the next District 8 business meeting.
9. The Registrar will email all NEW GSRs and Alternate GSRs a link to the District
website, informing them that a copy of the Book of Current Practices, Book of
Resolutions and Legacy of Service of District 8 are all available for review,
download or printing from that site.
10.Monitor position email.
11. Submit a budget for the position of Registrar to the Treasurer every October.