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District 8 Area 15 General Service Website


District 8 is Now Accepting Contributions Via Venmo

Username – GeneralServiceDistrict8

Email –

Also, you can mail any contributions to:

P.O. BOX 13

Please provide group name/number in comment section for contributions, or indicate it is for the district virtual meeting basket.

District Treasurer
5 years of sobriety
3 years of service in District 8
1 year as a DCM in District 8
1. Pick up District 8 mail from the District 8 mailbox.
2. Go to bank with incoming District 8 Chairperson with a copy of the Minutes listing
newly elected officers and sign the signature cards.
3. Deposit all contributions to District 8 in District 8 checking account.
4. Pay all obligations incurred by District 8 that have been authorized for payment
by District 8 or as instructed by the District Chairperson.
5. Reconcile the checking account monthly.
6. Pass the baskets, in accordance with the Seventh Tradition, at all District 8
business meetings and the Area 15 Quarterly hosted by District 8.
7. Prepare the District 8 Financial Report and Group Contribution Report for every
business meeting of District 8. Present this report at the business meeting. Make
one copy for each subdistrict table at the business meeting.
8. Attend the Treasurer’s Meeting at all Area 15 quarterlies and report to the District
at the following business meeting regarding the meeting.
9. Audit the checking and savings account at the end of the panel in November and
report to District 8 in December with the results or the audit. The audit is done by
the current treasurer, the incoming treasurer, and a third party chosen by the
current District 8 treasurer.
10. On December 31st, disburse excess funds from the current year in accordance
with the Book of Current Practices.
11. Attend Area 15 business meetings and reimburse District 8 officers and committee
chair attendees for lodging.
12.Monitor position email.
13. Send budget request forms to officers and committee chairpersons in September.
In October all budget forms are turned into the Treasurer. In November, present
the next year’s fiscal budgets to the District and place a motion to accept on the
Agenda for December.