Recovery, Unity & Service

District 8 Area 15 General Service Website


Mission Statement

The Mission of District 8 Archives Committee is to document the work of Alcoholics Anonymous by collecting and preserving historical material relating to District 8.

Like any other A.A. service, the primary purpose of those involved in archival work is to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous. Archives service work is more than mere custodial activity, it is the means by which we collect, preserve and share the rich and meaningful heritage of our fellowship. It is by the collection and sharing of these important historical elements that our collective gratitude for Alcoholics Anonymous is deepened.


  • Categorize materials.
  • Responsible for monthly report at District meeting and Assembly meeting report to the Area.
  • Oversees video tapes, DVDs, television and VCR/DVD players to bring to groups upon request and is responsible for upkeep.
  • Responsible for portable display.
  • Responsible to interview and record old timers.
  • Responsible for storage area and for keys.
  • Responsible for upkeep of tape/CD lending library.