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“How Do” FAQ Guide

How Do’s:

  1. How do I get a room for an Area 15 Quarterly/Assembly?

Each Area 15 Quarterly/Assembly meeting will have a flyer created by the Quarterly Host Committee. On this flyer there will be the hotel information, room rate, and the “reference” information. This “reference” is used to identify the Area 15 meeting and to receive the room rate for the meeting. Use the phone number or website link (if one is provided) on the flyer to book a reservation. Remember to mention the “reference” when booking the reservation.

  1. How do I find the flyer for the Area 15 Quarterly/Assembly?

The Area 15 website is: Look on the right side of the page where it states, “Next Area 15 Assembly”. There you will find the flyer. The District 8 Business Meeting minutes or District website are other places to look as well.

  1. How do I get a room if the hotel room block is full?

District 8 has a Room and Ride coordinator who keeps a list of only District 8 members needing a room. Email the District 8 coordinator to get on the District 8 waiting list ( Area 15 has an email for this as well. Email to be placed on the Area 15 waiting list. Follow any instructions received from the Area when the request is sent.  By emailing both, you have done your part to possibly receive a room at the host hotel for the meeting. As a note, the Area 15 waiting list is separate from the District 8 waiting list. The District 8 coordinator does not have access to the Area 15 list. Any questions pertaining to the Area 15 list needs to be addressed to the Quarterly Hotel Liaison  or Quarterly Coordinator .

  1. How do I get a ride?

District 8 has a Room and Ride coordinator who keeps a list of District 8 members needing a ride. Email the District 8 coordinator to get on the ride list ( ). The coordinator will make announcements during District 8 meetings asking if any members are willing to give rides. If any member volunteers, the coordinator will make the introduction between the members. It will be the responsibility of these members to make the final arrangements.

  1. How does the room I no longer need get transferred to another member?

In District 8, the Room and Ride Coordinator should be contacted so the coordinator can connect you with another person in District 8 who is on their waiting list. Area 15 requests that those seeking to transfer their room email the Quarterly Hotel Liaison The reason for contacting the District Coordinator or the Hotel Liaison is so Area 15 does not lose the room and can attempt to re-assign the room to someone on the waiting list.

It will be the responsibility of the individuals with whom the District coordinator has connected together to make the adjustments with the hotel. Area 15 will make the changes with the hotel for you. Any questions about the hotel reservation policy need to be answered by the hotel where the reservation was made.

  1. How do I cancel and not get charged for a room I no longer need?

When making a reservation with the hotel, make sure you ask what the hotel’s cancellation policy is. District 8 and Area 15 do not want anyone to be charged for a room they do not need. If you have notified District 8 and/or Area 15 of your available room and do not feel comfortable waiting, please contact the hotel, and cancel your room before the hotel’s cancellation policy goes into effect. The cancellation of the room is the responsibility of the person who reserved the room.

Room & Ride Coordinator
2 years of sobriety
6 months as a GSR in District 8
1. Maintain a list of upcoming District events.
2. Be aware of when and where functions will be held. Have hotel information
available, including room rates. If a “back-up” hotel is available, have that.
Information on hand too.
3. Announce at Business meetings any upcoming events and have a list available of
people who want rides and/or rooms, along with people who want to give rides
and/or want a roommate.
4. Monitor committee email.
5. Maintain communication with the website chair to ensure all committee literature
is up to date on the District Website.