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Treatment Committee


Treatment Committee Chairperson

Qualifications: 3 years of sobriety, 1 year as a GSR in District 8

Responsibilities: 1. Attend the monthly North and South County Institutions Meeting and offer information concerning Treatment Facilities. 2. Attend District 8 Business Meeting and report the activity of the Treatment Committee and the Treatment Facilities related activities of the North and South County Institutions Committees. 3. Attend the Treatment Committee meeting at the Quarterly Meeting of Area 15 and report on the activities of the District 8 Treatment Committee and report Area 15 Treatment Committee activity at the next District 8 Business Meeting. 4. Monitor committee email. 5. Maintain communication with the website chair to ensure all committee literature is up to date on the District Website. 6. Prepare the annual District 8 Treatment Committee Budget for the District 8 budget.