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Corrections Workshop
Corrections Committee Meeting

  1. Continue to stress to the AA body the purpose and importance of carrying the message to these facilities.
  2. Continue to achieve clearance for new volunteers to carry the message into the state & county facilities.
  3. Work in cooperation with the North- and South-county Intergroup H & I Committee Chairs.
  4. After volunteers obtain clearance, as required by the facilities, set up orientation to complete the process
  5. Continue to communicate monthly with facilities. Make sure all commitments are being fulfilled by volunteers.  Also ask if there are any new needs our volunteers can help with.
  6. Continue to communicate any updates of rule changes from the facilities staff to the AA volunteers.
  7. Continue to stay in contact with the AA volunteers at least once a month. Ask if there is anything you can do for them.
  8. Make a monthly written report to the District 8 General Service.
  9. Attend the quarterly Area 15 General Service Corrections Committee Meeting
  10. Remind volunteers that State facilities update their background checks yearly to renew security clearance.

This committee needs and volunteers to bring the message where AA can make a difference in someone’s destiny. Email: