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Literature Committee Chairperson

Qualifications: 3 years of sobriety, 1 year as a GSR in District 8

Responsibilities: 1. Attend the monthly Business Meeting of District 8 and report information concerning Literature. 2. Attend the Area 15 Quarterly Literature Meeting and report to District 8 concerning the meeting. 3. Become familiar with the general contents of all literature, in order to provide information to inquirers and review existing or new pamphlets, literature, and formats as they are prepared. 4. Monitor committee email,, and respond within 48 hours. 5. Ensure that new GSR packets, including Service Manuals, are available for new GSRs at the monthly Business Meeting of District 8. These packets will include the Book of Resolutions, the Book of Current Practice (which includes the Legacy of Service) and the District 8 New GSR Welcome document. 6. Keep an ample supply of current General Service Conference approved pamphlets, books and audiovisual material, as well as other A.A. material. If there are changes to any A.A. literature, inform the body. 7. Coordinate the display of literature at the various events of District 8, when requested, as well as at the monthly Business Meeting of District 8. 8. Conduct a monthly committee meeting to discuss any new items that have been released by G.S.O. *The Literature Chair may conduct the committee meeting as they wish, ensuring that new items will be discussed. 9. Maintain communication with the Website Chair to ensure all committee literature is up to date on the District website. 10. Prepare and submit the annual Literature Committee budget to the District 8 Treasurer. 11. Review and provide background information on Literature agenda items before the General Service Conference. 12. Provide A.A. approved literature that may correspond with a committee. (i.e.: the P-26 A.A. in Correctional Facilities pamphlet for the Corrections Committee)