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Literature Committee Responsibilities

  • Maintain a supply of literature for use by District 8.
  • Coordinate the display of literature at the various events of District 8 when requested, as well as at the monthly Business Meeting of District 8.
  • Keep the district informed concerning changes or additions to all literature.
  • Ensure a supply of Service Manuals are available at all District events and the monthly Business Meeting of District 8.
  • Ensure that new GSR packets are available for new GSR’s at the monthly Business Meeting of District 8. These packets will include the Book of Resolutions and the Book of Current Practice [which includes the Legacy of Service].
  • Lead the New GSR Orientation Session at our District 8 Business Meeting. This will be held at 4 o’clock in the Serenity Room at the Triangle Club. The purpose of this meeting will be to explain the GSR Welcome Packet, and to help new GSR’s at their first couple of District Meetings to understand their new position and Qualifications. This will be for 15 minutes after which they will join the meeting session in progress in the main room. This will give new GSR’s an opportunity to get familiar with how things are done in District 8.
  • Attend the monthly Business Meeting of District 8 and report to the District information concerning the Literature Committee.
  • Attend the Area 15 Quarterly Literature Meeting and report to District 8 concerning the meeting.
  • Prepare the annual Literature budget for the District 8 Treasurer.

Our committee email is