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Traditions & Concepts Committee


  • Work with Intergroup to let groups know of the availability of this committee, and its activities.
  • Willingness to contact groups interested in having Traditions Skit it brought to their group.
  • Be available to bring Traditions activities (skits, panels etc.) to groups that request it.
  • Contact and organize volunteers and props needed for those activities.
  • Present a budget to District 8 for approval.
  • To provide the groups and members we serve of District 8 with information regarding The Concepts of World Service through Conference Approved  Literature, Workshops, and Panel discussions as requested.


Useful Links:

12 Traditions of AA

12 Concepts of AA

Tradition’s Skit

Directions for Traditions Skit:

  1. Read the script from beginning to end to see where each participant will be seating or when they arrive in the skit. (it is in the script)- The instructions are in the front, the story is the rest…
  2. Before copying the script, you may wish to proof-read it through; there are some errors of punctuation, spelling and such.  It is pretty ‘dated’ and some roles are gender-specific. Feel free to update any names, location,  so long as the ‘message’ comes across.
  3. The committee has made 8 copies of the skit, which is about 16 pages long (the skit contains six characters, plus the narrator)
  4. We have highlighted each script with a different character’s part that differentiates each script for the specific character. So, if the committee brings the skit to your group we will bring 7 copies of the script; 1 for each character, and 1 for the narrator.  (The 8th copy is a master copy).
  5. The person responsible for the production of the skit with their group generally reads the part of the narrator.  And, they will pick out 6 people from the group. Just hand each of them a script for a specific character.  (we guit trying to figure who ought to play who; we let God figure it out).  Just have that person read the highlighted parts.  Everyone (characters) ought to follow along closely so as not to miss their cues.  Its simple stuff; for fun & for free.
  6. We were taught not to take ourselves so seriously, that we are not a glum-lot, that you can catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar, and humor is an effective teacher.  Have fun with it. It’s a PLAY.

If you or your group would like more information about the skit or having the traditions committee come to your group to help present it please email the traditions chair.