Recovery, Unity & Service

District 8 Area 15 General Service Website



  • Maintain database for the District trusted servants.
  • Conduct roll call at the monthly Business meeting of District 8.
  • Email Minutes to members in our database.
  • Register new GSRs and Alt GSRs, DCMs, ACMs, Committee Chairpersons, and District Officers.
  • Correspond with Area Registrar to record new trusted servants in Area and GSO databases.
  • Conducts District vote call at area business meetings and furnishes copy to District Chairperson for Area roll call.
  • Attends the Secretary/Registar Meeting at the Area 15 Quarterly and furnishes report of this meeting to the District at the next District business meeting.
  • The Registrar will e-mail to all NEW GSRs and AGSRs a link to the District website, informing them that a copy of the Book of Current Practices, Book of Resolutions and Legacy of Service of District 8 are all available for review, download or printing from that site.
  • Submit budget for the position of Registrar to the Treasurer every October.