Recovery, Unity & Service

District 8 Area 15 General Service Website



  • Chair monthly Business Meeting of District 8.
    • Set agenda for monthly Business Meeting of District 8.
    • Review and forward motions to District Secretary to be placed on District 8 Agenda.
  • Ex-Offico member of all District and Ad-Hoc committees.
  • Attend all Business Meetings of Area 15.
    • Attend Chairpersons sharing session on Saturday and provide and report to District 8 concerning the meeting.
    • Present report to Area 15 at the Business Meeting reflecting the activities of District 8.
    • Represent the Group Conscience of District 8 before Area 15.
  • Poll the District 8 group in November to determine if District 8 wants to put our name in the hat in January to host an upcoming Quarterly.
  • Serve as a co-signer on the District 8 checking and savings account.
  • Hold a second key to District PO Box.
  • Shall approve Minutes and Agenda after the Secretary assembles the Minutes, and once approved sends the Minutes back to the Secretary.
  • Submit budget request to Treasurer every October for District Chairperson position.