Recovery, Unity & Service

District 8 Area 15 General Service Technology



Technology Committee Chairperson


3 years of sobriety

1 year as a GSR in District 8


  1. Store hybrid Meeting equipment and any other equipment.

  2. Set up and breakdown hybrid meeting equipment.

  3. Set up an hour before District 8’s business meeting or event.

  4. Troubleshoot hybrid meeting issues and work with committee members to solve.

  5. Stay updated on tech developments including software and equipment updates.

  6. Recruit members to participate on the committee to help.

  7. Lead monthly committee meetings.

  8. Make recommendations for additional equipment or online. services if needed.

  9. Attend District 8 monthly business meeting.

  10. Attend Area 15 Web Committee business meeting.

  11. The Technology Committee Chair will be responsible for setting up the hybrid meeting, and may delegate this to other reliable committee members who have a minimum of two years of sobriety and six months as GSR in District 8.